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What to expect?

Wasteland is the world’s largest international fetish fantasy extravaganza situated in Amsterdam and Berlin. Every edition has a different theme to encourage the best in décor and outfits complimenting the playful atmosphere with a theatrical twist. Together with the amazing looking visitors, artists, models, designers, and other creatures of the night it really is an amazing extravaganza. Wasteland presents a wide variety of alternative and mainstream icons and performers from all over the world. From opera singers to suspension performers and circus acts to art shows. Anything is possible in the world of fetish fantasy. To create an event based on tolerance and open-mindedness has always been the key… a place to be who you want to be, celebrating freedom.

Where did it begin?

Wasteland officially brought Dutch fetishism out of the darkness in 1994. The very first Wasteland’s were launched in two separate venues, facing each other on opposite sides of a main street in the city of Amsterdam. A spanning bridge was built, the merging of the two venues was complete and a long banner was unveiled. Speakers were pumping and the scene was set. Streams of Saturday night traffic, slowed down as they passed under the bridge, gazing up mesmerized, trying to comprehend the wild and joyous visuals above. Revelers waving out of windows, honking horns, it was clear for all to see that a wider portion of society was ready to accept fetish. Wasteland could never have imagined the level of support given from the public. It quickly became one of the world’s largest international fetish fantasy events where the Straight and LGBTQ community openly gathered to celebrate freedom. Over the last two decades Wasteland continues to keep its audience excited and inspired.

Who attends Wasteland?

Wasteland is for open-minded individuals: from the alternative to the fashionable clubber, from the creative burlesque to the sophisticated fetishist and BDSM community member. It is an event for straight people, gays, lesbians, bisexuals, transgenders and everyone in between. The age ranges from 21 till 91.

What about the dress code?

Wasteland has a strict dress code, to create the typical Wasteland atmosphere and to let equal minded people enjoy the party to the fullest. Although a plain black rubber or leather outfit is sufficient to get access to a fetish event, Wasteland is more about fantasy and transformation. Wasteland believes that exploring your fantasies also means tapping into your personal creativity when it concerns your outfit. Remember that the dress code is vigorously checked by our infamous door bitches, the decision of the bitch is final and there are no ticket refunds if the dress code is not adhered to.

Please check the event-page for the specific dress code description. For inspiration, check out our Wasteland community platforms on Instagram and Facebook (wastelandparty).

What kind of music can I expect?

A broad variety of music styles are played at Wasteland: House, Electro, Techno, Tech house and sometimes even disco, classical music and live music performances. The main Wasteland areas are usually reserved for House, Tech house and Techno. Since we always have a few smaller areas, we experiment with other music styles too, empowering the various performances, the theme and atmosphere.

Where is Wasteland Located?

Our main locations are the North Sea Venue in Amsterdam/Zaandam (bi-annually) and the infamous Kitkatclub in Berlin (annually). Our post-apocalyptic summer event is held at Thuishaven Amsterdam (annually). Venues may change but attendees will be informed in advance.

Is Wasteland a sex party?

Absolutely not. However, sex is not excluded from our events as we applaud freedom, open-mindedness and fantasy. You can create your own Wasteland experience. Wasteland has made great strides over the years in dissolving the myths deep rooted amongst the mainstream, that a wild atmosphere is something to be intimidated by, where in fact the complete opposite is true. Wasteland creates the most respectful and safest environment one could imagine.

Wasteland Community?

Wasteland aims to inspire, support and connect. Through our social network we share inspiring ideas, designs, visuals and concepts from various individuals. Offering a creative platform, we call upon designers, artists, performers, talented birds of paradise and everyone in between to reach out and become part of the Wasteland community. Feel free to contact us at: info@wasteland.nl

What about Fetish?

In the 80s and early 90s Fetish & BDSM was still a taboo and was seen as very underground. From the beginning the intent of Wasteland was to bring the underground scene out into the open and to encourage the belief that being part of a fetish lifestyle in whatever degree is something to be proud of and to be celebrated. Wasteland’s drive and determination hasn’t changed since the very first event. Fetish nowadays has become more accepted and even trendy and is a regularly returning item in media and fashion. Learn more about the world of fetish and fashion: The fetish of fabulous

Wasteland in the media?

When Wasteland started out in 1994, it immediately created a stir in the media. Newspapers from all over Europe started to report on this event. Over the last two decades, Wasteland has been featured in all major newspapers, as well as the fetish and underground press and was also featured in numerous television shows. Wasteland’s flyers are iconic, created by international celebrated photographers and artists inspired and conspired to reflect the fetish zeitgeist of the moment.

Wasteland’s Rules and Etiquette?

Wasteland promotes tolerance, so treat everyone with respect and be kind to other people. Consent is key. Wasteland offers an environment that encourages the exploration of one’s fantasies but there are also strict codes of conduct. Touching anyone without permission or any form of harassment is strictly forbidden. In general, fetish events are the safest, friendliest and most relaxed environments. These are places where visitors can dress-up and be themselves without fear of any kind of harassment. Visitors are not allowed to take pictures at the events, this is to safeguard the privacy of all attendees. For your convenience, security guards and hosts are available at the events.

Photography – Filming

At Wasteland events it’s absolutely prohibited to take pictures. This to safe guard the radical self-expression, privacy and safety of visitors to the event. Official photographers or filmers are recognisable by a badge.

I am planning to attend the event alone, will I get in?

Wasteland is an inclusive event for everyone. So yes, you are welcome as long as you follow our dress code guidelines and honor Wasteland’s rules and etiquette.

What is the capacity of the event?

Wasteland attracts visitors from all over the world. An average Wasteland event varies between 1500 and over 4000 visitors.

Wasteland’s lost and found?

Lost something at an event? You can contact us at: info@wasteland.nl

Are there changing rooms?

We offer a locker room where you can change your outfit. We don’t provide private changing rooms.

What if refused by the Doorbitch because of my outfit?

We do have a shop at the entrance to get an alternative outfit for your convenience. Completely undressing will get you in too. However, please note that Wasteland is about fantasy and transformation, so dress to impress.

Is there a smoking area?

At an average Wasteland event there are two smoking areas. Look out for the signs or ask the staff.

Is the venue wheelchair friendly?

Since Wasteland is held in different venues the wheelchair accessibility can differ. We advise you to send an email to info@wasteland.nl for an update on the wheel chair accessibility at the event of your choosing.

Is there a VIP area?

Wasteland is all about freedom and inclusion. A VIP area does not fit that profile.