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A spanning bridge was built, the merging of the two venues was complete and a long banner was unveiled. Speakers were pumping and the scene was set. Streams of Saturday night traffic slowed down as they passed under the bridge, gazing up mesmerized, trying to comprehend the wild and joyous visuals above. Revelers waved out of their windows, honked horns, and it was clear for all to see that a wider portion of society was ready to accept fetish.

Wasteland could never have imagined the level of support given from the public. It quickly became one of the world’s largest international fetish fantasy events where the LGBTQ community and straight people openly gathered to celebrate freedom. 

Wasteland held its first edition outside of the Netherlands in 2011. The place to be was the infamous Kitkatclub which is now the Berlin home base for more than 10 years. 

Over the last two decades Wasteland continues to keep its audience excited and inspired.