Wasteland Q and A

What is Wasteland?
Wasteland is one of the world’ largest international fetish fantasy events. Wasteland offers broad experience, packed with entertainment, fetish, fashion and art shows starring renowned alternative models, DJ’s, VJ’s and artists from all over the world. Over the last two decades Wasteland continues to keep its audience entertained, excited and enthralled, always striving to make the next event even better than the one before.

Where did it begin?
In the year 1994 Wasteland officially brought fetishism out of the darkness into the streets and mixed it with house music and innovating entertainment. The first Wasteland was launched in two separate venues, facing each other on opposite sides of a main street in Amsterdam. With a spanning bridge built over the street, the merging of the two venues was complete, speakers were pumping and the scene was set! Streams of Saturday night traffic, slowed to a mere crawl as they passed under the bridge, gazing up mesmerized, trying to comprehend all the wild, joyous visuals above. Honking horns, the waving out of windows, it was clear for all to see that wider society was ready to accept fetish. Wasteland could never have imagined the level of support given from the public. The rest as they say ‘is history’!

What to expect?
Wasteland always has been a trendsetting and innovative event. Every edition has its different theme to encourage the best in décor and outfits complimenting the playful atmosphere with a theatrical twist. We have had themes like Circus, Water World, Jungle, Future Shock, Carnivale, Dark Fairytales, Voodoo and much more. Wasteland’s success is intrinsically linked with sparing no expense on the night’s themed decorations and props, fashion shows by international fetish and fashion designers presented by renowned models, great DJs VJs and spectacular performances on multiple stages that instantly arouse your fantasy.

Who goes to Wasteland?
Open-minded individuals: from the young and  fashionable  to the alternative, from the creative burlesque to the sophisticated BDSM and fetishists. The age ranges from 21 till 91.  Creating  an event for hetero, gays and bisexuals and others based on tolerance and open-mindedness has always been the key… a place with the freedom to be who you want to be. A place to explore your identity.

Where is Wasteland Located?
Nowadays our main locations are the North Sea Venue in Amsterdam/Zaandam (bi-annually) and the infamous  Kitkatclub in Berlin (annually). The very first party was launched at Amsterdam‘s famous club “36 op de Schaal van Richter” and the neighbors opposite the street, “cafe Blitz”. After that we hit on different venues around the city of Amsterdam.

What kind of music can I expect?
At Wasteland you can find a broad variety of music styles: House, Electro, Techno, Tech house, Disco and sometimes even classical music. Of course you can also find your occasional live performances. The main areas are reserved for House, Tech house and Techno. Since we always have more than a Few areas we find room to experiment with other styles.

From the beginning the intent of Wasteland was to bring the underground scene out into the open and to encourage the belief that being part of a fetish lifestyle in whatever degree is something to be proud of and to be celebrated. Wasteland’s drive and determination hasn’t changed since the very first event. In the 80s and early 90s Fetish & BDSM was still taboo and very underground. When Wasteland started out it immediately created a stir in the media. Newspapers from all over Europe started to report on this event. Fetish became more accepted and even trendy in the years that followed. Fetish is a sill A regularly returning item in media and fashion.

Is Wasteland a sex party?
No! However, sex is not excluded at our events as we applaud freedom, open mindedness and fantasy. You can create your own Wasteland experience. Wasteland has made great strides over the years in dissolving the myths deep rooted amongs the mainstream, that a wild atmosphere is something to be intimidated by, where in fact the complete opposite is true. Wasteland creates the most respectful and safest environment one could imagine.

What is the Wasteland Etiquette?
Wasteland promotes tolerance, so treat everyone with respect and be kind to other people. Consent is key. Wasteland offers an environment that encourages the exploration of one’s fantasies, but there are also strict codes of conduct. Touching anyone without permission or any form of harassment is strictly forbidden. In general, fetish events are the safest, friendliest and most relaxed environments. These are places where men, and especially women can dress-up and be themselves without fear of any kind of harassment.

What about the dress code?
Wasteland has a strict dress code. Simply to create the typical Wasteland atmosphere and to let equal minded people enjoy the party to the fullest. We encourage our guests to express themselves and expose their creativity and fantasy into their outfits. The dress code is vigorously checked by our notorious Doorbitches. The door is the actual place where the playing begins. The decision of the Doorbitch is final and there are no ticket refunds if the dress code is not adhered to. You can change at the venue for there is a dressing room available.

Wasteland in the media?
Wasteland has been featured in all major newspapers, as well as the fetish and underground press and was also featured in numerous television shows. Iconic are Wasteland’s flyers, created by internationally renowned photographers and artists inspired and conspired to reflect the fetish zeitgeist of the moment.

What is Wasteland Agency?
Wasteland Agency is for the alternative genre, seeking a wide variety of models and performers with unique, striking and unconventional looks or capabilities. Wasteland Agency promotes the next generation of names, starring in fashion shows, photo shoots and stage entertainment. The agency works closely together with renowned photographers, designers and stylists.

I am a single male, will I get in? Do I have to be a member to get in?
Yes, you are welcome as long as you obey the dress code and are polite and respectful. For Wasteland is an inclusive event. Everyone, as long as you abide by our dress code, is welcome.

Is the venue wheelchair friendly?
Yes. There is very good wheelchair access at Wasteland for the ground floor. The split-levels and maze of corridors mean movement around the venue is limited, especially for the larger or electric wheelchairs.

Is there a VIP area?
Wasteland is all about  freedom and inclusion. A VIP area does not fit that profile.

First Aid
We have high quality professional aid available at our events. These professionals are non -judgmental and are there to give medical attention of any kind.